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Lead, Inspire, Grow - with Raven Waterman

Mar 16, 2022

Leadership doesn't just happen in the boardroom; it occurs in every aspect of our lives. We get the chance to decide how we show up and what we do with our gifts and talents. We can often hit internal, mental roadblocks, like our inner critique or feeling like an imposter that can make the take of personal and professional leadership feel out of reach. So learning to be the C.E.O of your life by taking charge of your mindset can be an essential first step. 

Our guest Martha Ramos joins us to share the challenges and triumphs she has experienced in her life as a Latina in the corporate. She also shares what led her to develop the C.E.O method and how it helps women embrace their power. Martha is a self-described "Dominican- American, former corporate ladder climber turned entrepreneur and cheerleader of women to be, do, and have whatever the hell they want! She is also the host of the Audacious As F*ck Podcast. To learn more about Martha, visit here.

Check out the Leadership Success Path Course here if you're ready to step into your professional brand. The videos, activities, and workbook will give you tools to clarify your skills, talents, goals, values, and mission and control how you show up and how others see you as a leader. The course will help you develop your leadership presence, build confidence, and progress in your career.