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Lead, Inspire, Grow - with Raven Waterman

Apr 13, 2022

Sometimes working and putting others first can spread you thin. As helping professionals and caregivers, you can begin to feel like you can’t see the impact of your work, and your professional environment is taking a toll on your emotional availability to others. You can present as disconnected because you are emotionally saturated and overwhelmed.

In this episode, we discuss compassion fatigue and acknowledgment of how you function as a professional to serve others and take some time for yourself. Raven discusses her own experience as a business owner and the consciousness of prioritizing change in her work habits and seeking support.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Importance of acknowledging your work habits
  • Comforting guilt and what that can do for your self-perception
  • How to support your team as a leader/caregiver
  • Why it is essential to be proactive in taking care of yourself

Check-in with yourself! What do you need? What support would help me get through this? Figuring things out on your own is not always good as a leader. Recognizing when you need help can allow you to be a support for others that can also experience compassion fatigue/burnout by helping manage workload and having a proactive conversation with the team about how they engage in self-care. To learn more about leadership development and other resources, visit our website.