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Lead, Inspire, Grow - with Raven Waterman

May 4, 2022

If you're a helping professional ready to transition to a business owner, you may question how you do both and uphold the importance of ethics. More and more therapists and social workers are moving into the coaching space and wondering where and how to draw the line between their clinical and non-clinical orientation. Not only is serving the clients important but also remembering to uphold your professional ethics and personal values as a business leader. 

In this week's episode, we sat down with Lee Chaix Mcdonough, founder of Coach With Clarity: a training and education company for life and business coaches. Lee is the author of ACT on Your Business and the Coach With Clarity podcast host. Lee shares her personal experience with career changes and discovering coaching and how she uses her knowledge to help other helping professionals make that switch. We discuss Lee's 3 M's in business success: meaning, mindset, and mindfulness. Lee shares how she has incorporated the core principles of acceptance and commitment into a powerful approach. 

In this episode, you hear how the 3 M's support business leaders:

  • Meaning: Defining your purpose as a leader and what you believe in within your business.
  • Mindset: Understanding what it means to overcome ourselves as we cope with the fear of failure and success
  • Mindfulness: Learning to be present in the here and now and how that connects to meaning and mindset

When things get challenging being a leader, it's essential to think about what is important to you. Starting within and being transparent with yourself is the first step in clarifying your leadership identity and vision. When we marry your talents, skills, values, and purpose, that's where the magic happens. If you're ready to focus on developing and building your leadership skills, visit here to learn more about leadership coaching and working with Raven Waterman.